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  • Hamilton, ON

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The Difference with Precision Physiotherapy

From the time we meet, interview and physically assess our clients to when we deliver professional physiotherapy treatment, our main priority is positive client experience. We believe that maintaining a considerate, compassionate outlook to physiotherapy facilitates the recovery process.

Our clients are ensured quality physiotherapy treatment based on the most recent research, as we make every effort to deliver the best outcomes possible. Precision Physiotherapy is a clinic dedicated to the speedy recovery of those that we work with. From treating muscular injuries to existing joint pains such as arthritis, our physiotherapists bring with them a wealth of diverse experience, knowledge and problem-solving skills, which are applied to each and every client.

Personable, Proactive Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy clinic won’t give you the feeling of an open gym. With private rooms dedicated to client interviews, assessments and one-on-one physiotherapy treatment sessions, Precision Physiotherapy is positioned to deliver quality service. We pride ourselves in providing a warm, comfortable, rejuvenating environment for pre and post surgical rehabilitation, acupuncture, active exercise programs, chronic pain management programs among many other physiotherapy services.

Precision Physiotherapy adopts a proactive approach to physiotherapy services, taking all reasonable measures to prevent future injury to our patients. Our physiotherapists work privately, on an individual basis, with patients suffering from various physiological and neurological disorders, conditions or injuries.