Physiotherapy Clinic now accepting clients from Dundas, Ontario

Precision Physiotherapy is an established physiotherapy practice based out of Hamilton, Ontario. It is owned and operated by revered physiotherapist Attila Kozma, a graduate of McMaster University. After completing a Bachelor of Kinesiology as well as a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy at McMaster University, Mr. Kozma received advanced training in the field of acupuncture and manual therapy as they apply to physiotherapy. Precision Physiotherapy offers a number of physiotherapy services and openly welcomes new clients from Dundas, Ancaster, Binbrook, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Flamborough, Hannon and Caledonia. In addition to acupuncture, manual therapy & exercise physiotherapy training, Attila Kozma also has years of experience treating sport-related, workplace, travel and motor vehicle injuries.

Precision Physiotherapy Clinic is pleased to inform you that we provide comprehensive assessments as well as one-on-one treatment sessions with qualified, experienced and registered physiotherapists. We deliver our one-on-one physio (physiotherapy) treatment sessions in an exclusive environment; a private room and gym area in our physio clinic. Our skilled physiotherapists have countless years of experience assessing and providing treatments for many common physiological and neurological conditions, injuries and deficiencies. Precision Physio very strongly believes in personalized physiotherapy, which involves the establishment of a relaxed atmosphere for clients. We find that this tends to result in more efficacious physiotherapy treatment, speedier recovery and an overall greater physiotherapist-client experience. We are currently welcoming patients from Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster, Flamborough, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Mount Hope, Caledonia, Hannon and Binbrook, Ontario.

Facts regarding Dundas, Ontario:

  • before it was called Coote's Paradise, and renamed after 1814 to Dundas.
  • Dundas is home to the Dundas Valley School of Art.

Surrounding cities and towns:

  • Hamilton, Harrisburg, Burlington, Brant, Oakville, Caledonia, Ancaster, Stoney Creek