Manual Therapy

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Manual therapy is one of the most common physiotherapy treatment offered at our clinic. Also referred to as manipulative therapy, manual therapy is a treatment professionally administered by our registered physiotherapists, with the aim of treating disability and musculoskeletal pain. This technique is largely achieved through the careful manipulation of various muscles and joints in the body. It is a form of physical therapy delivered manually, instead of by an automated machine.

Precision Physiotherapy offers manual therapy sessions as one of the core physiotherapy treatments available. We believe in keeping up to date with and applying the latest research to our manual therapy treatment procedures. Whether this means slight adjustments to massage patterns or altering the amount of pressure applied at different joints, our physiotherapists are quick to adapt. Often times, manual physiotherapy involves the physiotherapist himself or herself physically applying pressure on muscle tissues and joints and in an attempt to reduce pain caused by muscle tension or spasms and dysfunctional joints.